BRE440 Ready for Space

BRE400 PowerPC ChipBroad Reach Engineering has completed development of the world’s highest-performance radiation-hardened microprocessor, the BRE440 PowerPC™.

The CPU is built on Honeywell’s rad-hard HX5000 150nm SOI process and is based on a PowerPC 440 core licensed from IBM. The BRE440 processor design includes on-chip floating point unit, memory controllers, L2 cache, two Ethernet ports, two serial ports, four DMA channels, DDR DRAM controller with EDAC, and PCI interface. Speed is configurable up to 133MHz and is 2 MIPS/MHz.

With its combination of memory controllers, Ethernet, high speed and low power consumption, the BRE440 chip represents one of the most significant system-on-a-chip advancements for space flight in more than a decade, and is poised to enable a new generation in high-reliability processing solutions. We are currently using this chip on our next-generation GPS receivers and our Mirideon 3U single board computer.

The BRE440 is fully developed, in stock and ready to serve in radiation-rich environments ranging from on-orbit and interplanetary space to nuclear, defense and medical applications.

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