Broad Reach was founded in 1997 by a group of highly experienced aerospace engineers with a mission: to set new industry performance standards by providing the most cost-effective, innovative, high-end products, services and solutions for space.

Our employees are dedicated to excellence at every project stage, and continually push the creative application of top talent, science value and state-of-the art systems development to meet and exceed every requirement on every mission.

Broad Reach Engineering has successfully delivered engineering and flight hardware and software for a number of national and international customers ranging from companies such as Lockheed, Boeing, EADS, and Ball Aerospace to international institutions such as UCAR, JPL, and DLR – to government agencies including AFRL, NASA, and DARPA. Broad Reach Engineering hardware and software has been deployed on at least eleven spacecraft with more avionics systems and software scheduled to be launched soon.

Broad Reach Engineering products are proven On-Orbit in LEO and GEO.


The Broad Reach Engineering technical team and product line supports spacecraft systems, payloads and ground systems from design concept to flight. Broad Reach Engineering provides:

  • Component, software, ┬ásystem and vehicle design
  • Engineering services and support at every project stage
  • National and international mission design and analysis
  • Global alliance of industry and academic partners

Our product development capabilities include:

  • Spacecraft electronics ranging from high-speed data processing systems to low power embedded digital signal processing
  • Analog data acquisition systems ranging from DC to RF, from high voltage to ultra low voltage & low current systems
  • Motor driver and controllers
  • Custom Instrument interface electronics
  • FPGA Based data processing solutions, including high-speed encryption
  • GPS based navigation Systems from Surface to GEO
  • Radiation hardened PowerPC based processors
  • Embedded, high-reliability software
  • Single string and redundant components and systems
  • Power switching & control systems
  • Autonomous hardware/software controlled battery charging systems
  • Ground support hardware & software
  • Test software and test systems
  • Hardware-In-The-Loop simulation systems and software

Working Internationally

Broad Reach Engineering customers include both domestic and international space organizations. We have experience exporting our products in compliance with United States export regulations through the use of DSP-5 licenses, Technical Assistance Agreements (TAA), and Technology Transfer Control Plans (TTCP)

Quality System

Broad Reach Engineering adheres to the highest standards in the design and implementation of space flight hardware and software.

The Broad Reach AS9100 aligned Quality Assurance System backs this commitment with a comprehensive and efficient set of processes and protocols that address all critical epochs in the production life cycle.


Broad Reach Engineering maintains offices in Golden, Colorado, and Tempe, Arizona.
Shows photos of Broad Reach Tempe facility, IAU assembly in cleanroom, board assembly, and BRE Hardware in Test at NTS Facility
The Tempe site serves as a design center for Broad Reach avionics and software. This facility, located in the heart of the Phoenix Metro Area, has over 2000 square meters of office and laboratory space.

The facility includes a laminar flow clean room, electronics assembly lab, two dedicated avionics labs, and numerous assembly and test tools, including a NASA certified thermal vacuum chamber, BGA intallation machine, and component X-Ray facility.

Customer Accolades

Our approach has been scrutinized and approved by numerous customers including:

  • Lockheed Martin
  • Ball Aerospace Corporation
  • Boeing
  • About Moog Broad Reach

    Founded in 1997, Moog Broad Reach produces spaceflight hardware and software solutions, integrating vehicle design, component design and engineering services for aerospace, scientific, commercial and military customers on four continents.
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