Spacecraft Avionics Systems

Broad Reach Engineering Advanced Avionics Systems are based on 3U boards designed specifically for spacecraft & payload applications. Systems are available for C&DH, EPS, integrated C&DH & EPS, or payload applications. Design options include single string and redundant systems.
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BRE440 RadHard CPU

The Broad Reach Engineering BRE440 CPU is designed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of current and future space and high reliability applications. The BRE440 CPU is a fully radiation hardened implementation of the PowerPC 440 processor core in a true System-On-a-Chip design, including floating point unit.
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CPU Boards

The development of the Broad Reach Engineering BRE440 Rad-Hard CPU enables a new generation of spacecraft processing solutions. Broad Reach is offering a number of products that are based on the BRE440 CPU to provide a higher level of processing power for on-orbit applications ranging from CPU boards to BRE440 based GPS Receivers.
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Digital + Analog Interface + NVRAM Boards

The MOAB Series of Boards are designed as a single 3U cPCI card solution for interfacing to a large number and variety of commonly found subsystems, payloads, and sensors.
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Payload I/O + Mass Memory Boards

The Camera and Storage Interface Boards (CASI) are designed as a single 3U cPCI card solution to interface to spacecraft communication subsystems and payloads, such as cameras or radar payloads where high data rates anddata storage volume are required.
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Power Distribution System Electronics

The SACI, PAPI, and LASI boards provide a complete spacecraft power distribution system solution. The SACI Board provides a solar array and battery interface complete with battery charge control and telemetry feedback capability. The PAPI/LASI and McLASI boards are general purpose switching cards which are controlled via the SACI. Multiple PAPI/LASI/McLASI boards may be combined to increase the system capabilities.
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Modular Avionics Test Interface Boards

The McMOATI Boards (Digital & Analog McMOATI) are general purpose 3U cPCI test boards to used emulate a wide variety of payload or unique subsystem interfaces. Its intended use is for engineering and flight unit ground testing of critical space flight hardware. The board uses devices similar to those used on space flight hardware to ensure that functional and hardware compatibility are tested, even when actual subsystems are unavailable.
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Gimbal Control Electronics

The Gimbal Control Electronics System is designed as a high reliability motor driver system to control the motion of two or more motors, such as used in solar array drivers and antenna gimbals.
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Rikishi Motor Controller Electronics

The Rikishi Electronics Unit (REU) is a Robotic Arm Controller designed to drive up to nine separate servo motors (joints), such as found on robotic arms or articulated structures.
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Spaceborne GPS Receivers

The IGOR design is based on the NASA/JPL Black Jack space-borne GPS Receiver. The Black Jack receiver is a revolutionary spaceflight Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver developed by NASA/JPL to fill future needs for orbit-based GPS science.
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Specialized Payload & Instrument Electronics

Broad Reach Engineering designs specialized payload and instrument electronics to accomplish specific mission goals. Examples range from high voltage and very low current monitoring systems to high-speed payload data processing electronics. Broad Reach Engineering can deliver complex instrument electronics for your specialized science mission – in space, on earth, or any other planet.Click to Read More>>

Systems & Mission Engineering

Broad Reach Engineering provides systems engineering and design services for space vehicle subsystems and space missions. Our employees are experienced in the development, management, and delivery of a variety of spacecraft hardware and software.
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Spacecraft & Science Instrument Software

Broad Reach Engineering has assembled a team of seasoned software architects and engineers with decades of hands-on experience developing software for space, aviation, telecommunications, and other high-reliability products, for real-time embedded and desktop environments.
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