BRE440 RadHard CPU

Next Generation Spacecraft Processor

The Broad Reach Engineering BRE440 CPU is designed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of current and future space and high reliability applications. The BRE440 CPU is a fully radiation hardened implementation of the PowerPC 440 processor core in a true System-On-a-Chip design, including floating point unit.

Broad Reach Engineering has licensed the PPC440 core from IBM and has integrated it into the in-house developed chip design. Broad Reach Engineering has contracted with Synopsys and Honeywell for the final implementation and manufacture of the devices.

The BRE440 Chip presents the culmination of several years of internal development effort aimed at producing the highest level of space based processing capabilities.

RAD-Hard BRE440 System-On-A-Chip Spaceflight Processor


High Performance IBM PPC440 Core, 2 MIPS/MHz
ANSI/IEEE 754-1985 compliant FPU
Manufactured on Honeywell 150nm HX5000 Radiation Hardened ASIC Line
Superscalar, Dual Issue, 32-bit RISC, Book E Compliant.


  • 32 kByte L1 Instruction & Data Caches
  • 256 kByte unified L2 Cache (can be configured as general purpose SRAM)
  • On-Chip 8 kByte SRAM
  • High Bandwidth Main Memory Access with Error Detection and Correction


  • PCI Interface for Peripheral Communication
  • PCI Arbitration for up to 6 External Peripherals (Clock Distribution)
  • 4 Channel DMA with Scatter/Gather Capability
  • 32-Bit Peripheral Bus with EDAC
  • 32-Bit DDR DRAM Bus with EDAC
  • External Expansion Bus
  • 2 Ethernet Media Access Controllers
  • 2 UART Ports (16750 Compatible)
  • JTAG

Radiation Capability

  • Honeywell HX5000, 150 nm Radiation Hardened SOI Technology
  • TID >1 MRad; Latch-up immune
  • SEU >40 Years/Upset (Adams 90% worst case environment)

Core Clock Frequency

  • 83 MHz @ -55°C to 125°C
  • 133 MHz @ -10°C to 80°C


Available in Many of Broad Reach Next Generation Avionics and Board Products Only Engineering Units Available as of Q1/2009 / Flight Units Available Q1/2010.

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