CPU Boards

High Performance Processing for On-Orbit Applications

The development of the Broad Reach Engineering BRE440 Rad-Hard CPU enables a new generation of spacecraft processing solutions. Broad Reach is offering a number of products that are based on the BRE440 CPU to provide a higher level of processing power for on-orbit applications ranging from CPU boards to BRE440 based GPS Receivers.

The primary product is a series of CPU boards based on the BRE440 CPU intended for use in an Integrated Avionics Units or standalone C&DH systems. The first product in this lineup is the Mirideon CPU Board. A commercial version CPU board intended to allow early system and software development at low cost is available via the Starter 440 Board.

The EM and flight boards are very similar in functionality and performance to the Starter 440 Board in order to enable quick drop-in replacement.

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Starter 440 Board

The Starter 440 Board is a commercial CPU board implementation based on an AMCC 440GP CPU that is code compatible with the BRE440. The Starter 440 is compatible with our Avionics architecture and may be used for code development.

Mirideon Rad Hard CPU Board Series

Test & Development

The Mirideon board provides 2 UART, JTAG, and an Ethernet interface for rapid code development and debug. All interfaces are available simultaneously. Alternatively, the UARTs may be used to communicate with external devices during flight.

Mirideon CPU Board Features

High Performance BRE440 CPU

w/ IBM PowerPC440 Core & FPU

Processor Speeds

  • 83 MHz @ -55°C to 125°C
  • 133 MHz @ -10°C to 80°C


  • 512 MB Double Data Rate (DDR) Synchronous DRAM
    with single error correct / double error detect EDAC
  • 256 kB EEPROM with hardware majority voting (TMR)
  • Up to 512 MB FLASH with software majority voting


  • PCI V2.2, 32/64-bit, 33/66 MHz
  • 10/100 Mbps RMII Ethernet with LVDS buffers
  • Two (2) UART ports, configurable baud rates
  • Configurable for cPCI system slot or peripheral slot
  • operation; Initiator and target operation
  • JTAG Interface with RS422 Buffers to CPU
  • Front panel provides 1 General Purpose Input
  • and 1 General Purpose Output via RS422


  • 3U CompactPCI Form Factor
  • 250 grams


  • Single 3.3V Supply
  • 8 W Peak
  • 5 W Typical


  • Conduction cooled board design
  • Temperature range -40°C to 71°C (at wedgelocks)

TID Levels

  • Processor >1 MRad
  • DRAM > 50 kRad
  • Other > 100 kRad


  • All parts >80 MeV/mg/cm2

SEU Performance

  • Processor >40 Years/upset (Adams 90%)
  • All memory has SEU mitigation

2 M Hours MTBF @ 30°C predicted

Compatible with multiple operating systems including
VxWorks, Linux, OSE, Integrity

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