Spacecraft Avionics Systems

Broad Reach Engineering Advanced Avionics Systems are based on 3U boards designed specifically for spacecraft & payload applications. Systems are available for C&DH, EPS, integrated C&DH & EPS, or payload applications. Design options include single string and redundant systems.

All avionics are tailored to meet the mission requirements. Existing designs are drawn on where advantageous and new designs are created where significant benefits may result.

All Avionics designs adhere to the highest standards in space flight hardware design. Space qualified parts are used throughout unless special requirements dictate otherwise and all design methods are tailored specifically with space flight environmental and functional requirements in mind.

Sample System 1 – Single String C&DH

  • BRE440 Based Processor Board (266+ MIPS)
  • MOAB Board + Power Supply Board
  • 2 Spare cPCI Slots
  • <3 kg, <20 W Typical, 28 V
  • OSE or VxWorks

Sample System 2 – Integrated C&DH & EPS

  • BRE440 Based Processor Board (266+ MIPS)
  • MOAB Board + CAPI Board + CASI Board
  • Solar Array Interface & Battery Charge Controller Board
  • LASI & Power Distribution Board
  • <5 kg, <30 W Typical, 28 V, >90% Efficiency
  • OSE or VxWorks

Sample System 3 – Redundant C&DH

  • 2x BRE440 Based Processor Board (266+ MIPS)
  • 2x MOAB Board + 2x PIB Board
  • 2x Power Supply
  • Redundancy Management Board
  • Dual String Design with Cold or Hot Spare Capabiilty
  • <5 kg, <40 W Typical, 28 V
  • OSE or VxWorks

Key Capabilities

  • BRE440 Based Processor Board
  • CPU Board has 512 Mbytes DDRRAM, 512 kB EEPROM
  • Solid State Recorder Boards with 6 GBytes of Shared SDRAM
  • 16 MBytes Flash Memory with TMR
  • 3U Form Factor, 33/66 MHz, 32/64bit PCI Bus I/F
  • 24 RS-422 Receiver – Transmitter I/Fs
  • 2x 640 Mbps LVDS I/F
  • 32 Digital, 8 High Voltage Discrete Inputs
  • 24 Digital Discrete Outputs
  • Autonomous SOH Data Acquisition 64 Analog Channels
  • 12-Bit A/D Converter
  • Uplink H/W Command Decode
  • Variable Downlink Rates, CCSDS, SGLS & Other Formats
  • EPS Supports 48x 5 Amp and 9x 25A 28V Switches
  • Battery Charge Management, Current Set Points, VT Option
  • Solar Array Interface for 8 Segments ~300 W
  • All Parts SEL Immune
  • SEU Mitigated Design
  • Al, Magnesium, or Composite Chassis
  • 100 kRad Option

Software Development Unit

Engineering unit versions with flight like commercial CPUs are available as software development units (SDU) for customers who would like to evaluate the architecture and/or would like an early start on software development tasks. SDU Boards are form, fit, and function compatible to the actual flight hardware but are not subjected to flight like testing and utilize some commercial part equivalents, such as FPGAs, memory, and commercial chassis.

SDUs provide an effective development platform that is available at a reduced schedule compared to full engineering or flight units. SDUs are available with various CPU versions, ethernet support, full EPS subsystem, and various interface boards. Software support, including drivers is available for VxWorks and other operating systems.

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