Spacecraft & Science Instrument Software

Broad Reach Engineering has assembled a team of seasoned software architects and engineers with decades of hands-on experience developing software for space, aviation, telecommunications, and other high-reliability products, for real-time embedded and desktop environments.

Broad Reach expertise in software design includes object- oriented techniques (e.g. Unified Modeling Language) and structural approaches (e.g. Data Flow Diagrams) for applications that range from very small, embedded, OS-less applications to multi-processor, distributed, networked, client-server systems.

Broad Reach engineers are well versed in many programming languages including C, C++, Java, VB, as well as many scripting languages such as Perl, VB Script, Tcl, and Python.

Our software development process is custom tailored to the needs of each individual project. While some projects might require a process that embraces both RTCA/DO-178B and post MIL-STD-498 techniques, others might benefit from using a software ‘Craftsmanship’ approach. At the start of each project, we will establish the most fitting approach together with our client to best meet the project goals.

Regardless of the approach taken, quality is enforced throughout the entire software development lifecycle through the use of peer reviews, formal inspections, configuration control, and a controlled change managment process.

Software Development System

In addition to general software design services, Broad Reach offers Spaceflight software covering Command & Control, Payload, Housekeeping, and Orbit Determination functions. Using a modular architecture, generic core spacecraft software services are combined with hardware specific interface code and mission specific algorithms, such as ADCS algorithms and payload software.

Broad Reach has developed an extensive set of core spacecraft software services that can quickly be tailored to the customer’s needs through easy integration of additional software functions. Broad Reach has successfully provided this approach on TACSAT-2, where software modules from 4 external parties have been integrated by Broad Reach with the Broad Reach Spacecraft Flight Software.

  • Hardware Interface Software

    Spacecraft EGSE

  • Command & Control Flight Software
  • Ground Station Software
  • Test Software
  • Science Payload Control Software

Operating Systems Supported

  • Wind River VxWorks
  • OSE, Nucleus, ThreadX
  • Windows
  • Solaris, Linux, OS-X
  • uCOS

Target Platforms

  • PowerPC
  • ARM
  • Intel
  • Various DSPs
  • Various other uC

  • About Moog Broad Reach

    Founded in 1997, Moog Broad Reach produces spaceflight hardware and software solutions, integrating vehicle design, component design and engineering services for aerospace, scientific, commercial and military customers on four continents.
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