Specialized Payload & Instrument Electronics

Broad Reach Engineering designs specialized payload and instrument electronics to accomplish specific mission goals. Examples range from high voltage and very low current monitoring systems to high-speed payload data processing electronics. Broad Reach Engineering can deliver complex instrument electronics for your specialized science mission – in space, on earth, or any other planet.

Key Capabilities

  • Custom Processor Solutions
  • FPGA or CPU Based Designs
  • PowerPC Designs
  • Actel FPGAs & XILINX Virtex Reconfigurable FPGAs
  • DC to RF Designs
  • Ultra Low-Current to High Voltage Designs
  • Low to High-Volume Non-Volatile/Volatile Data Storage
  • In-Situ Data Processing via FPGA or CPU
  • Redundant or Single String Systems
  • 3U, 6U cPCI or Custom Form Factor
  • 422, 485, 1553, 1773, LVDS, SCSI, SpaceWire and Proprietary Data I/O
  • All Parts SEL Immune
  • SEU Mitigated Design
  • 30 kRad to >1 MRad Designs

Example Developments

Instrument Interface Electronics

  • Data Processing & Encryption Board
    • Ball / Digitalglobe Worldview-1/2
  • Vibration Isolation System Data Acquisition Board
    • Honeywell / Tacsat-2
  • Ion Probe Data Acquisition System
    • AFRL / Tacsat-2
  • Instrument Interface Electronics
    • NASA ST-7 / LISA Pathfinder
  • RF Amplifiers & Diplexers
    • IGOR / IGOR+ Receivers

Contact Broad Reach Engineering today to discuss your Science Payload & Instrument Electronics needs.

Ion Propulsion Experiment

Signal Processing Board

RF Diplexers & Amplifiers

Data Processing & Encryption

RF Front End & Sampling

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