Systems & Mission Engineering

Broad Reach Engineering provides systems engineering and design services for space vehicle subsystems and space missions. Our employees are experienced in the development, management, and delivery of a variety of spacecraft hardware and software.

We specialize in supporting the mission with our knowledge, technology, and no-nonsense approach to mission
and systems engineering. We strive to support the principal investigator in achieving the primary science goals by
working as the technical facilitator between the spacecraft developer, mission operators, and the science team.
Broad Reach can help you at all stages of a mission, starting in the proposal phase and extending all the way
through testing, launch, and on-orbit operations.

About to embark on a space mission? Already on your way?
Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

Capabilities & Approach

  • Combined over 350 Years Space Experience
  • In-Depth Knowledge of Launch Vehicle Options
  • Network of Partners in Industry and Academia
  • No-Nonsense Approach
  • Hands-On Experience in Design, Management, and Test
  • Not Constrained by “Heritage” Systems Approach


  • Systems Engineering Support at All Project Stages
  • Component, System, Vehicle, and Mission Design
  • National & International Mission Support
  • System & Subsytem Trade Studies
  • Architecture Development
  • Consulting & Review Support
  • Due Diligence Support
  • About Moog Broad Reach

    Founded in 1997, Moog Broad Reach produces spaceflight hardware and software solutions, integrating vehicle design, component design and engineering services for aerospace, scientific, commercial and military customers on four continents.
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